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Complete Automotive Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance.

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We service all makes and models!

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Vehicles are equipped with warning lights, letting you know something is wrong with the vehicle. These include engine lights, on board message displays, ESP, and other variations. We have extensive knowledge and high tech equipment to properly and effectively diagnose trouble and warning lights, to give you the best solution to keep your vehicle safe and in great working condition.

Vancouver Transmission offers complete vehicle scans, programming, and full vehicle reports to make it easy for our customers to understand our procedures. We will determine the cause of your vehicles issues. Book your appointment today!

There are several reasons why your check engine light may come on. Some of the reasons may be due to emissions problems, spark plug issues, catalytic converter problems, bad valves ect. The longer you wait to diagnosis the check engine light, the more damage you may cause to both the vehicle and environment.