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13550 77 Ave Surrey BC V3W 6Y3

Complete Automotive Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance.

Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 6 PM

Closed Saturday, and Sunday

We service all makes and models!

HVAC Services / Auto Climate Control

The HVAC System

How your heater and Air Conditioning A/C Works.

Need diagnosis or an A/C Charge and don't want to tackle it yourself? Ask us for a quote today! We can come to your house or place of work. We will get you fixed up, without the hassle of taking the day off or being without your car.

Without the heating and air conditioning systems in today’s modern vehicles, we would all be miserable driving to our destinations. We take for granted the heat that keeps us warm in the winter months, and the cool air that refreshes in the summer time. Let’s take a look at how both systems work to keep us comfortable all year round.